3 Types of Toothaches and What Causes Them

September 12, 2023

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Nobody plans to have a dental emergency, but if you have a toothache it’s time to call your dentist! There are several underlying factors that might be contributing to your pain, so an accurate diagnosis is essential for treatment and relief. Fortunately, the nature of the discomfort you’re in can tell your dentist a lot about what could be causing it so they can provide solutions. Keep reading to learn more about 3 common types of toothaches and how to address them.

Type #1: A Dull, Consistent Ache

A dull, lingering throbbing sensation could be caused by something relatively simple like having something stuck between your teeth or gums. If this is the case, flossing and rinsing your mouth might be enough to take care of it.

If you can’t figure out exactly where the ache is coming from and flossing doesn’t make a difference, it could point toward something more serious. You might have one or more teeth that have cavities or have begun to decay. If unhealthy bacteria have penetrated the sensitive root of your tooth, a root canal can repair the damage and provide some well-deserved relief!

Type #2: Hot and Cold Sensitivity

Are you feeling a sudden twinge in your teeth when you bite into ice cream? Does it sting when you sip a cup of hot tea? This kind of sensitivity to hot and cold could result from a few different things so it’s important to note how long it lasts. If it’s due to worn-down enamel, the discomfort will be mild and will only last briefly. Try using toothpaste made specifically for tooth sensitivity and taking a break from consuming anything at these temperatures to see if it alleviates your symptoms.

If the tenderness lasts longer than 30 seconds, it could be from something much more worrisome like a cavity, cracked tooth, worn or lost fillings, etc. Your dentist can assess your condition to pinpoint the cause and provide you with treatment options.

Type #3: Sharp Pain

Pain that is sharp or jabbing usually requires a call to your dentist. It could be that a filling or crown has worn down or gone missing. This leaves the tender insides of your tooth exposed to bacteria in your mouth. It also weakens your tooth so that it’s more vulnerable to decaying or breaking even further. Whatever the cause, it’s likely urgent. Your dentist will want to see you as soon as possible to address it.

If you’re experiencing any of these types of symptoms, it’s best to call your dentist. If they consider it an emergency, they’ll work to get you in right away. Otherwise, they’ll schedule an appointment for you at a more appropriate time. Either way, they’re the only one who can repair the damage so you can get back to feeling happy and healthy again!

About the Practice

At A New Smile Dental, we provide a full array of dental services for both children and adults. We have several dentists onsite with different specialties so whatever the cause of your toothache, we can treat it. We offer same-day emergency appointments, so you won’t have to wait for pain relief! To schedule your visit, you’re welcome to contact us on our website or by calling (661) 251-0480.

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