Parham Ramtin, DDS

General Dentistry located in Santa Clarita, CA

About Dr. Ramtin

Parham Ramtin, DDS, is a highly skilled general dentist at A New Smile, based in sunny Southern California. He provides a wide range of dental services, and as a California native, Dr. Ramtin is proud to serve the community in and around Pacoima, California.

Dr. Ramtin completed his undergraduate studies at the prestigious University of California, Los Angeles, before moving to New York City to pursue his dental degree at the New York University College of Dentistry. After finishing dental school, Dr. Ramtin completed his general practice residency at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in East Harlem, Manhattan, where he received exceptional training in all areas of dentistry, including periodontics, cosmetic dentistry, and oral surgery.

Thanks to his training, Dr. Ramtin is now able to perform a number of complex dental treatments and procedures, such as root canal therapy, periodontal disease treatments, dental crowns and bridges, teeth whitening, Invisalign®, smile makeovers, and more.

In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Ramtin is an active member of the American Dental Association and the California Dental Association. When he is not working with patients in his Pacoima office, Dr. Ramtin enjoys basketball, tennis, biking, and traveling around the world.